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Project Management Professional (PMP®)

PMP® Certification – Exam Preparation

Upgrade your project management career with the PMP certification.
Upgrade your project management career with the PMP certification.

When your priority is professional registration as a Project Management Professional (PMP®), it pays to have an all-in-one package such as our Exam Preparation Courses which provide everything you need to pass the PMP Exam on the first try. With over 50 hours of guided training, experienced lecturers available for consultation, access to over 1000 PMP Exam practice questions & quizzes and our PMP Simulation Exam, you will have the confidence and knowledge to ace the Exam and be PMP-Certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI)  in less than 6 months.


Comprehensive Course Options

We offer tailored private courses to groups of 3 or more at your company premises or at one of our venues.

Public courses:

Duration: 12 pm – 4 pm (one class a week)
Schedule: 1 full day alignment class + 14 afternoon classes + PMP Simulation Exam
Price: R 30,250 or Instalments – R 5,000 deposit + R 5,050 x 5 months (incl. VAT)
2024 Scheduled Courses:
● 26th February to 14th June
● 7th May to 30th August

Duration: 5 pm – 8:30 pm (one class a week)
Schedule: 1 full day alignment class + 15 evening classes + PMP Simulation Exam
Price: R 30,250 or Instalments – R 5,000 deposit + R 5,050 x 5 months (incl. VAT)
2024 Scheduled Courses:
● 26th February to 14th June
● 7th May to 30th August

Duration: 8 am – 4 pm (one class a week)
Schedule: 8 full day classes + PMP Simulation Exam
Price: R 30,250 or Instalments – R 5,000 deposit + R 5,050 x 5 months (incl. VAT)
2024 Scheduled Courses:
● 26th February to 24th May

Duration: 9 AM – 3 PM
Schedule: 11 Saturday classes + PMP Simulation Exam
Price: R 30,250 or Instalments – R 5,000 deposit + R 5,050 x 5 months (incl. VAT)
2024 Scheduled Courses:
● 24th February to 25th May

Duration: 8 am – 4 pm (3 classes a month)
Schedule: 8 days of in-person/onsite classes +  PMP Simulation Exam
Price: R 36,100 or Instalments – R 5,000 deposit + R 6,220 x5 months (incl. VAT)
2024 Scheduled Courses:
● Cape Town
Module 1: 5th to 7th March
Module 2: 2nd to 4th April
Module 3: 23rd to 24 April

● Durban
Module 1: 12th to 14th March
Module 2: 9th to 11th April
Module 3: 29th to 30th April

●  Midrand
Module 1: 18th to 20th March
Module 2: 16th to 18th April
Module 3: 7th to 8th May

All above courses end on 24th May – PMP® Simulation Exam

If you have attempted the PMP Exam before 2021 and need to align to the updated Exam which includes 50% new content or if your PMP status has elapsed and you need to retake the PMP Exam as soon as possible we recommend our PMP TopUp course for your quick PMP Exam fix.

When booking

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Full Payment – 15% off the course fee.


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Course Outline

You must sit and pass the Project Management Professional Exam to attain the illustrious PMP designation and join the ranks of professional project managers registered with PMI globally.

For those in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to qualify to write the PMP certification exam, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

→ A four year bachelor’s degree or equivalent,
→ At least three years of provable project management experience,
→ And at least 35 hours of project management education, which our PMP Exam Preparation courses cover (50 hours of training to ensure you pass).


→ A matriculation certificate / equivalent high school diploma
→ At least five years of provable project management experience
→ And at least 35 hours of project management education, which this course covers.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact us for a free CV appraisal.

Some further points to know once you meet these requirements:
→ You can write the exam online or at a Pearson center around South Africa.
→ It is a 3 hour 50 minute long exam consisting of 180 questions.
→ The questions are based on the three performance domains in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). Domain I: People, Domain II: Process, and Domain III: Business Environment.

Study to Know & Pass

Our PMP Exam Preparation courses have been structured to ensure that after the course; you have gained practical methods to enhance your project management career AND the ability to pass your PMP Exam on the first attempt. In addition to the instructor-led classes, we provide you with continuous assessments that help you track your progress and stay on top of the exam content, including:

  • Terminology exercises,
  • Agile project exercises,
  • Case study exercises,
  • Practice questions to do at your leisure,
  • And our exclusive PMP Exam Simulator

Course Info

The PMP Exam preparation course is a post-graduate level course and the PMP Certification is a professional registration for those with project management experience. Hence, the course fee is also comparable. This makes it an affordable and valuable investment for those looking to further their careers and improve their organization with the most respected and recognized certification in the project management field.


The course also includes:

+ Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Exam First Time Pass GUARANTEE for all Comprehensive courses– if you don’t pass the exam on your first try, we will continue coaching you and pay for your rewrite to attain the PMP certification.

+ Our exhaustive Project Management Professional Training Manual, this companion textbook summarises the entire content you need to know for the exam and will get you to the certification finish line.

+ A copy of “The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try” by Andy Crowe as an added Study Guide.

+ Access to 1000+ PMP Exam practice questions on our dashboard.

+ Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Simulation Exam– this final mock exam is a regularly updated and accurate simulation of the PMP Exam. It gives a benchmark of your readiness and with the feedback we provide from your results, you’ll know the areas to make the extra push before going in for the official exam.

+ Multimedia study material including audio seminars, extra study notes, and class video recordings.


Our payment assistance options include:

  • Discounts for group bookings of friends  OR colleagues from the same employer. Invite a Friend
  • Payment plan of instalments or the option to pay once off the full amount.
  • Assistance with the relevant documents for Skills Development Training approval if your employer/business will be paying for your course.
Mature colleague talking to smiling younger colleagues. Professional business team listening mentor. Business concept
Our PMP course is the full package of the tools, expertise and acumen necessary to pass the PMP Exam.

Officially a PMP guys! Thanks to Phillip Russell for believing in me. My path to success was failing my first PMP exam and failing 4 out 5 of the classic seminar exams. I studied hard. I assumed in the beginning that because I acquired my CAPM that I would easily get the accreditation. I loved the experience ,full of doubts and issues and to preserve in the end is so satisfying.
Bradlan Naidoo PMP, CAPM

Dear Andrew, Thank you and your team for all your assistance through-out the process of obtaining my PMP. I scored “above target” for all domains.
Renisha Nikeyi PMP 

I have no doubt that without Morne’s fresh perspective on the questions queried, as well as the new lessons learned, I would not have passed after being so rattled in my exam.
Jean Fourie PMP

PMP done and dusted! Thanks all! It was great to be on this journey with you all!!!
Michelle Herbert PMP

Hi Morne. Thank you so much for all your support. Zahra and I wrote this morning and we both passed! Thank you for pushing us and guiding us… we are so glad it’s over and look forward to a new chapter by continuing to build out knowledge as PMPs.
Nasreen Limbada PMP

Hi Philip, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my pmp exam and would also like to say thank you for all the help and support. Much appreciated!
Deshnee Govender PMP, MBA

Thank you so much for your assistance and insights…
Blessing Chipatiso PMP, CCNA

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PMP Resources

Learn more about the Project Management Professional certification and get a taste of our PMP Exam Prep courses at the FREE PMP Certification Info Webinar. RSVP Here.

Or use our FREE PMP Simulation Exam tool designed to help you benchmark your PMP Exam readiness in practical exam conditions. RSVP Here.

PMP Certification Benefits

For Individuals

  • Have the stamp of approval from the world’s leading project management organization (PMI)
  • Validate your skills and knowledge to employers and clients.
  • Set yourself apart from other professionals in your field.
  • Higher salary
  • Greater job security
  • Open doors to new clients locally & abroad
  • International industry recognition

For Your Organization

  • Stay ahead of the competition in tender bids and eligibility
  • Implement new techniques that save time and cut costs
  • Win new projects/tenders locally and across borders
  • Consistent client satisfaction
  • Improve the quality of individual work and teamwork culture
  • Give your team the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.
  • Bolster your organization’s reputation as a leader in project management.

PMP Course Accreditations

+ Includes CPDs from South African professional associations and Project Management Institute PDUs

Join the world's elite professionally registered project managers


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