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Welcome to the Classic Seminar Alumni Roster

Classic Seminars Alumni Roster is the place to find your next project manager. Whether you’re looking for someone with specific skills or just want to browse through resumes of potential candidates, we can help!


The Classic Seminars Alumni Roster maintains and promotes a highly engaged, vibrant roster of project management professional (PMP) alumni and training delegates worldwide. It helps showcase alumni to potential clients and industry colleagues through a wealth of data on their skills, training programs, certifications in project management, and networking events attended around South Africa.

There is no better way to stay ahead of the curve than by joining the Classic Seminars Alumni Roster. As a project management professional, you must be able to prove all of your skills and keep others informed on what knowledge they can expect from working alongside you at their company!


Why join the Roster

The roster provides an excellent platform for networking events just like the Project Management Golf Day and Annual Project Manager of the Year – Red Cup Award; allowing professionals like ourselves to get acquainted after years working in the project management industry while still achieving some great outcomes through collaboration between certified PMP who know how things should be done best.

Register as an Alumni

Personal Details

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Training Details

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Ability Showcase

Eg PMP, M.SAICE, PrCPM - Civil Engineering, Project Management . . .
Name of the project(s), what the project was about, the duration/date, and your contribution
What projects are you available to work on eg industry, fields, specialties . . .
Any contact details and links you want to share with potential clients.

Added Benefits

As a Classic Seminars registered alumni you are entitled to course fee discounts on any future training you take with us as well as savings on your Golf Day ticket – Contact Us for more details.


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