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Advanced Risk Management Course

Available as online or in-person training.

Advanced Project Risk Management Course

risk management

2-day course Online training In-person training 2 or more Delegates
Fee/person R8, 700 R9, 700 From *R8, 000
*Up to 40% Discount for groups
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Fees include: A comprehensive training manual, online material including real-world exercises from multiple industries, and lunch refreshments where an In-person class is selected.

Volume discount: We offer discounts for group bookings of friends or colleagues from the same company.

VAT: The rates listed above include VAT.


Risk management training for project managers

With the right guidance, you can become an effective and efficient project manager. Our advanced training course will teach you how to plan for risks before they happen so that when they do occur, it won’t be a problem. You’ll learn about the different types of risks and how to manage them effectively with our in-depth short course available as online training and at locations around South Africa.


Don’t let risks ruin your project

This Risk Management short course outlines how risk management can help you achieve success on your projects and avoid failure! Our training course provides an overview of key concepts related to Project Management, focusing on managing risks for successful outcomes.

With our expert guidance, you will be proficient on these topics:

  • Understanding risk management concepts
  • Introducing project risk planning and management to your organization
  • Developing an effective project risk management strategy
  • Performing strategic risk identification for opportunities and threats
  • Understanding different tools and techniques, ranging from simple risk evaluation techniques to complex simulations
  • Reviewing the risk management software available on the market
  • Determining appropriate risk responses: Acceptance, Avoidance, Transference or Mitigation
  • Determining strategies for opportunities: Acceptance, Exploiting, Enhancing, or Sharing
  • Selecting and prioritizing projects, to ensure that the right projects are invested in

These are all essential for program managers, professional project managers, risk managers, and team leads. That is why we designed this Advanced Risk Management course for delegates who desire to earn South African and international certifications such as the PMP® certification and those already certified but would like additional exposure to advanced concepts.


In this course, we cover everything from basic principles to advanced techniques and provide exercises that simulate real-world project conditions. You’ll come away with the skills you need to manage risks in your projects with confidence such as:

  • Risk management planning
  • Identifying project risks
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Risk analysis tools and techniques
  • Risk management software
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In order to join our online risk management short course you would need to have the following:

  • A computer with Windows 8 to the latest windows version & Mac: macOS 10.6 or later.
  • Good internet connection to link to zoom meetings
  • Any Microsoft Word processing application and pdf reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Morne Van Schalkwyk

(Project Management Professional ®, NHBRC Registered®)

Dr. Andrew Holden

(Project Management Professional ®, Professional Engineer®)

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Some benefits of project risk management training
• Prevents personal and organizational reputation issues
• Saves time and effort
• Enables project success
• Makes jobs safer
• More efficient, consistent operations
• More confident, successful initiatives
• More satisfied customers
• Guide decision-making

Course Start Dates –
Online: April 21st, June 13th
In-Person (locations in South Africa): Individuals will be placed on a waiting list and informed on upcoming in-person course dates.

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Some benefits of project risk trained employees
• The ability to see risks that are not apparent.
• Provide insights and support to Stakeholders and Clients.
• Build a better defense to class-actions.
• Reduce business liability.
• Enables Growth.
• Helps to Stay Competitive.
• Business Process Improvement.
• Enables Better Budgeting.

Course Start Dates –
Online: April 21st, June 13th
In-Person (locations in South Africa): Groups may book at will, giving dates and format options in advance.

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The hands-on exercises will develop skills in using the latest risk management techniques.


Applicable across varying industries and projects of varying size and type.

Accreditations & CPDs

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