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About Us

Developing skilled project managers is our specialty. We offer professional training courses that will help to build capabilities and relevant skillsets that are not only in demand but also essential for successful project management.

Our Story

In 1998 two friends Andrew Holden and Philip Russell (an engineer and a serial entrepreneur) met together in a coastal town. They had been close companions for many years and during Friday happy hour, Andrew and Philip would get together to discuss the week’s woes.

One Friday evening they decided instead of just speaking about their work problems they would start to record them! They started writing down the management trials they were encountering and the possible solutions. Thanks to them these documents formed the basis of a solid practical exercise that is still used today in Classic Seminars’ Project Management Foundations class. This introductory project management class has helped countless professionals improve their skills across industries both here in South Africa and worldwide ever since!

Classic Seminars was born from this and now offers practical project management classes, starting from the ground up.


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All classes include exercises that are exceptionally practical and have methods of assessment used to determine how much each trainee has gained the knowledge and skills which have been imparted during the direct, trainer-to-trainee contact sessions.


Through our Project Management Training, we will challenge you to grow, we believe in provoking you to improve the way you think and act at work.

What we do

We have 12 regular classes with lectures and exercises designed to help you learn how to best manage your team or project at work. The certificate classes have been developed out of the Classic Seminar trainers’ own experiences as engineers and project professionals, working through these very same problems which are now being used to teach others.

Our Affiliations

We are part of Project Management South Africa (PMSA) the association that represents the interests of project, program, and portfolio management practitioners in South Africa and Southern Africa. Classic Seminars designation is a Platinum Education Providers with PMSA  verified so as legitimate and credible trainers that have been meeting the required standards expectations for over 10 years.

We are also members of the Project Management Training Alliance (PMTA) an international community of professionals and organizations who promote project management best practices through education and training services. This opens doors of opportunity for our trainees to internationally accredited courseware, project management consulting, and validated training.


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What is Project Management Training? 

For us, Project management Training involves all our actions aimed at producing growth in you. We hold our breath while you take those faltering steps that we believe will grow into a rhythm of a life-long adventurous journey. All our communications are patient, thought-filled, and easy to understand.


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