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We deliver great training experiences.

As a registered education provider for the Project Management Training Alliance, our training and mentoring is concentrated on developing professional project managers. We at Classic Seminars take pride in the continuous advancement of our people, processes, technology and resources – both in South Africa and beyond. 

What is Project Management training? 

For us Project management training involves all our actions aimed at producing growth in you. We hold our breath while you take those faltering steps that we believe will grow into a rhythm of a life-long adventurous journey. All our communications are patient, thought-filled and easy to understand.

Your growth means our growth. We journey with you, for your growth. Our heartbeat is your growth. Without you evolving to be a professional project manager, we have failed. When the new company you launched brings in the first year’s dividends or when your career takes off, we have succeeded.

Through our Project Management Training we will challenge you to grow, we believe in provoking you to improve the way you think and act at work. Our training classes are designed to produce significant insight into The role of a Professional Project Manager and are enriched by our experienced and passionate trainers.