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We deliver great training experiences.

As a registered education provider for the Project Management Training Alliance, our training and mentoring is concentrated on improving attitude, skill and behaviour. Classic Seminars is deeply invested in continuous improvement of our people, processes, technology and accreditations – both in South Africa and abroad.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging you to grow, we believe in provoking you to improve the way you think and act at work. The way that we challenge you is by crafting our training classes to produce significant insights; using degreed and passionate trainers. We just happen to deliver great training experiences.

Our every action is aimed at producing growth in you. We hold our breath while you take those faltering steps that we believe will grow into a rhythm of a life-long adventurous journey. All our communications are patient, thought-filled and easy to understand.

Your growth means our growth. We journey with you, for your growth. Our heartbeat is your growth. Without your advancing, we have failed. When the new company you launched brings in the first year’s dividends or when you are promoted, we have succeeded.

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we say things, not just what we say. We believe tone is as important as content. Our aim is not only that you understand, but that you also feel at home.