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pmp simulation exam

About the PMP Simulation Exam

When preparing for the PMP Exam it is important to have multiple resources at your disposal. The more you can practice, the better your chances are of passing the exam. Our PMP Simulation Exam tool is designed to help you get the most out of your studying.  With our practice questions:

  • You can test your knowledge and gauge your progress if you have already done a PMP Course or studied on your own
  • Or test whether you need to undertake a PMP Course based on your results and the knowledge gap.
  • Receive answer explanations structured per domain so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

There are no strings attached to this FREE simulation exam, Classic Seminars is committed to assisting project managers across South Africa in thoroughly preparing to write their PMP Exam. We believe preparing for the Exam doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the simulation exam as one of the PMP Exam resources we offer, you can focus your studying and get the most out of your time after completing any PMP Course.

The PMP Simulation Exam is a small taste of our PMP Certification – Exam Preparation course package which includes four 4hr practice exams to do at your leisure and a Final Mock Exam to qualify for our First-time-pass Guarantee. 

Further details on the PMP Simulation Exam:

  • The exam is conducted the same as the official PMI Online PMP Exam, hence it will be closed book and strictly invigilated.
  • To give you an understanding of the exam conditions the same rules as the official exam will be applied.
  • The simulation exam is based on the latest PMBOK 7th edition and the latest PMP Exam question alignment
  • You will face 100 questions in 2 hours with a short break midway.
  • You will receive a detailed report of your performance in each domain area as well as correct answers and explanations for questions you failed if you get a mark above 30%. If you fall below this we strongly recommend you join a PMP Course before writing the exam.

In this FREE PMP Simulation Exam, getting a mark of 70% and above is an indication you are well prepared to write the PMP Exam. Those who fall between 50% – 70% need to work through the detailed report they receive to see the areas they need to brush up on or join a PMP Course such as our PMP Certification – Exam Preparation course.






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