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Structural Collapse downtown Durban CBD – 9 June 2020

Before Structural Collapse Photo

Balcony before the collapseImage capture: Nov 2017 © Google South Africa

After Structural Collapse Photo

Balcony after Structural Collapse© Arrive Alive South Africa

Tuesday morning, 9th June 2020, whilst people were still rushing past on their way to work, an unsuspecting pedestrian was suddenly crushed and killed by an overhead concrete balcony suddenly collapsing.

Paramedics rushed to the corner of Yusuf Dadoo Street and Doctor Goonam site to treat nine patients. Six patients were rushed to hospital and three after examination were found to be in stable condition and were not taken to hospital.

Mxolisi Kaunda the Durban mayor, has instituted an investigation into this incident.

“As part of our inner-city regeneration programme, we have engaged property owners to comply with the city’s by-laws and more importantly, renovate dilapidated buildings,” Kaunda said.

The Durban mayor has ordered a complete report on the matter to determine the origin of the structural collapse. He also urged that everyone involved should cooperate with applicable law enforcement agencies.


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