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Michelle Herbert, PMP

I am a Principal Environmental Consultant and Project Management Professional in the fields of public and resource infrastructure, oil and gas and mining sectors. My day-to-day activities also include strategic planning, business and proposal development, and management of large capital and social performance projects for local and global companies. My environmental management experience focuses on the strategic planning, risk analysis and management and execution of various environmental authorization processes and associated permits/licenses for proposed and existing developments. These developments vary from resource infrastructure to mining, oil and gas and nuclear projects. These projects include stakeholder engagement and sub-consultant management. As a Project Manager, my experience is focused on integrating environmental and engineering practices to ensure a holistic approach to project strategy development, planning and risk analysis, and the execution of projects. This approach has ensured that complex ESIA’s have been executed within budget and schedule and with strong collaboration between Engineering and Environmental & Social teams. Appropriate and targeted engagement with stakeholders is crucial to planning and delivering projects, building and maintaining trust and working toward sustainable solutions.

I have a passion for sharing knowledge and taking people along the journey of personal and professional growth. As a part-time trainer with Classic Seminars, I am excited to continue to share knowledge, while also continuing to learn about various industries.


Classic Seminars

Project Management Training Facilitator:


Environmental and social management

  • ERM is a multinational consultancy firm which focuses on sustainability.


  • Project Management
  • Environmental and Social Pre-feasibility, Feasibility, Impact Assessment, Environmental and Social Management
  • Capacity Building Facilitation: Company-specific standards and guidance training

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