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Project Management with MS Project

Microsoft Project Course

Learn how to harness the power of Microsoft Project, the industry-standard software for scheduling, planning, and managing projects in the engineering, construction, and project management sectors. Whether you’re looking to define project scopes, estimate costs, manage resources, or generate real-time reports, our comprehensive MS Project course provides practical skills that empower you to handle every aspect of project management effortlessly. With options for live online training, in-person classes across South Africa, and on-site corporate training, becoming a project scheduling expert has never been more accessible.

During the course of the immersed project scheduling training, participants will engage in interactive exercises including:

  • Planning projects with Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Creating detailed project schedules
  • Practical project planning with schedules, costs, and resources
  • Tracking progress, managing costs, and utilizing some advanced MS Project features
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Advancing project management capacity with Microsoft Project

Course Application & Outcome

By the end of the training, delegates are enabled to immediately operate the Microsoft Project software to manage projects of all sizes and have the crucial skills needed for a schedule manager and tendering team member.

We recommended our Advanced Microsoft Project Course to delegates who already have a foundational understanding of MS Project but want to make use of the software’s advanced features.

Course Outline

Course Structure

This Project Management with Microsoft Project course builds up from a Basic level so no part of the software is difficult to use and understand. Some of the hands-on lessons include:

Advanced Project Scope Definition
Learn to delineate project scopes with precision, ensuring comprehensive understanding and alignment with organizational objectives.

Cost Estimation Mastery
Develop expertise in estimating project costs, honing the ability to create accurate financial projections essential for project viability assessments.

Risk Identification and Management
Acquire skills in identifying potential project risks and implementing robust risk management strategies to preemptively address challenges.

Resource Optimization Techniques
Explore strategies for efficient human resource management, ensuring teams are optimized for productivity and project success.

Real-time Reporting Proficiency
Master the art of generating real-time reports, enabling stakeholders to gain insights into project progress, resource availability, and cost performance.

Change Management Agility
Develop the ability to seamlessly adapt project schedules and deliverables in response to evolving project dynamics, ensuring projects remain on track despite changes.

For Individuals

Elevate your productivity and become an invaluable asset to your organization by expertly applying innovative project management principles  through the Microsoft Project software.

  • Career Boost: Stand out in job markets, securing roles with Microsoft Project expertise.
  • Time Saving: Streamline tasks, saving valuable time for personal and professional pursuits.
  • Effective Collaboration: Enhance teamwork, fostering positive work relationships and project success.
  • Informed Decisions: Make data-driven choices, ensuring projects progress smoothly without setbacks.
  • Personal Growth: Develop life skills, enhancing problem-solving abilities and organizational talents.
  • Global Recognition: Gain international recognition, becoming a valued expert in professional circles.

For Organizations

Organizations aiming to achieve peak operational performance Microsoft Project is one tool, not bound by industry boundaries, that brings about project efficiency within teams.

  • Operational Efficiency: Increase productivity, enabling teams to accomplish more with streamlined processes.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce expenses by optimizing project resources and minimizing wastage.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Foster cohesive teamwork, boosting overall project performance and morale.
  • Project Success: Improve project outcomes, delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.
  • Client Satisfaction: Delight clients with efficient project delivery, ensuring repeat business and positive referrals.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain an edge in the market, showcasing your organization’s efficiency and reliability.

2024 Course Info

Create Gantt charts and timelines for professional reports in Microsoft Project
Course Requirements

✓  Windows computer/laptop with Microsoft Project 2013 or newer

✓  Basic computer literacy

✓  Stable internet connection for live online training options

Online Scheduled Courses

6 Half-day sessions
Morning class 8 am – 12 pm or Afternoon class 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

15th to 19th & 22nd

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In-person Scheduled Courses

3 Full-day sessions
8 am – 4 pm

21st to 23rd – Midrand
28th to 30th – Cape Town

4th to 6th – Durban

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Book unscheduled course dates for training online, in-person or at your company venue by selecting a preferred start date in the booking form below.

Course Fee

In-person Course
R 14,100 incl. VAT

Online Course
R 12,700 incl. VAT

Groups of friends/colleagues (2 or more)
From *R 11,600 incl. VAT

We offer tailored private courses to groups of 3 or more at our conference centres or your company venue.
* Up to 40%  discount for groups. Ts & Cs apply.

Payment Options

Select Pay Now to get specific discounts for online payments:
Partial Payment – 5% off the course fee.
Full Payment – 15% off the course fee.


Select Pay Later to get specific discounts for EFT payments with currently running promotions (see top banner).

The above discounts are applicable only if the course fee is billed to ‘Personal’.
Ts & Cs Apply.

This Course Includes

Companion MSP Training Manual: will help you keep track of all you learn throughout the course and be your reference guide afterwards when using the software. This is essential to progress to the Advanced Microsoft Project course.


Multimedia Study Material: Class video recordings to enhance your learning.


Lunch Refreshments: Included for in-person courses.


Payment Assistance Options: We offer discounts for group bookings and assistance with Skills Development Training approval.

This Course is Accredited by

Contact us for more details on earning CPD points and professional development hours from this course.

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