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PMP® Exam Preparation Course

2024 Course Info

PMP® Comprehensive

Online course: Afternoon classes

1 full day alignment session (8 am – 4pm)
+ 14
afternoons sessions (once per week from 12 PM – 4 PM)
+ PMP Simulation Exam
(4 hour exam)

We offer tailored private courses to groups of 3 or more at your company premises or at one of our venues.

Public courses:

7th May
Class Start

7th May to 30th August
Course Duration

14th May
Enrollment Deadline (We provide catchup material for classes missed)

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24th July
Class Start

24th July to 22nd November
Course Duration

31st July
Enrollment Deadline (We provide catchup material for classes missed)

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Course Fee

Full Payment
R 30,250


R 5,000 deposit + R 5,050 x 5 months


(All prices incl. VAT, instalment payment plans and online payment are only available for personal-paying bookings)

Payment Options

When booking choose:

Pay Now to get specific discounts for online payments:
Partial Payment – 5% off the course fee.
Full Payment – 15% off the course fee.


Pay Later to get specific discounts for EFT payments with currently running promotions (see top banner).

*The above discounts are applicable only if the course fee is billed to ‘Personal’.
Ts & Cs Apply.

This Course is Accredited by

Contact us for more details on earning CPD points and professional development hours from this course.

This Course Includes

Payment Assistance:

  • Discounts for Groups of friends/colleagues (2 or more)
  • Payment plan of R4,654 x5 months
  • Skills Development Training approval documents if your employer/business is covering your course fees.


 Project Management Professional Training Manual: Our comprehensive companion textbook summarizes the entire exam content, ensuring you reach the certification finish line.


 “The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try” by Andy Crowe Textbook: A valuable study guide to supplement your exam preparation.


 Multimedia Study Material: Benefit from audio seminars, additional study notes, and class video recordings.


 Access to 1000+ PMP Exam practice questions: Hone your skills and knowledge through our extensive question bank.


 Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Simulation Exam: This PMP mock exam has the latest PMP Certification Exam structure and accurately simulates the official exam conditions, providing valuable insight into your readiness and areas for improvement.


 Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Exam First Time Pass GUARANTEE: If you don’t pass the exam on your first attempt, we will continue coaching you and pay for your rewrite until you attain the PMP certification.

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Course Booking

Do you Qualify to write the PMP® Exam ?

The Project Management Institute has set requirements for those in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to qualify to write the PMP Exam. In order to write and pass the Project Management Professional Exam and join the ranks of professionally registered project managers globally, you need to meet one of the following prerequisite lists:

A 4 years bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Minimum 3 years of provable project management experience

Minimum 35 hours of project management education, which our PMP Exam Preparation course covers (50 hours of training to ensure you pass)

A matriculation certificate / equivalent high school diploma

Minimum 5 years of provable project management experience

Minimum 35 hours of project management education, which this course covers.

Do you meet the requirements to write the PMP Exam in South Africa
Do you meet the requirements to write the PMP Exam in South Africa

I Qualify to write the PMP® Exam

Proceed to book for the PMP Exam Preparation course.

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Not sure if you qualify?

Contact us for a professional CV appraisal:
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Validate your Project Management Experience in South Africa with the International PMP® Certification

When your ambition is to attain the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, it’s imperative to choose a comprehensive package that equips you with everything you need for success. At Classic Seminars, we take pride in offering a one-stop solution to guide you on your journey to becoming a certified Project Management Professional, accredited by the globally respected Project Management Institute (PMI).

Classic Seminars’ PMP Certification course is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a transformative experience designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence required to excel in the PMP Exam, including:

  • 50+ hours of expert guidance
  • Our seasoned lecturers are always available to provide personalized consultations.
  • 1000+ PMP Exam practice questions & quizzes, and our exclusive PMP Simulation Exam
  • We aim not just for you to pass the exam but to excel in it, ensuring your journey from any project management role you had to PMP expert takes less than 6 months.
Cheerful multiethnic business colleagues reading information on computer screen
We have been preparing experienced project managers for the PMP® Exam for over 10 years

Course Structure

Each module in our course has been carefully prepared to equip you with the knowledge needed to pass the Project Management Professional Exam, but also the new skills and tools to excel in your career as a project manager. Here’s a breakdown of the course structure:

Comprehensive Project Management Knowledge
Gain an in-depth understanding of the ten knowledge areas outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide, equipping you to manage projects of varying complexities.

Effective Project Execution
Master the essential tools and techniques necessary for successful project execution, ensuring projects are completed with precision and efficiency.

Strategic Business Navigation
Learn to navigate complex business environments by evaluating project benefits, addressing external changes, and supporting organizational change initiatives.

Advanced People Management Skills
Develop vital interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, team leadership, and stakeholder collaboration, fostering a harmonious project environment.

Adaptability and Agility
Acquire insights into both predictive and agile project management methodologies, enabling you to adapt to diverse project requirements and industry demands.

Strategic Business Navigation
Learn to navigate complex business environments by evaluating project benefits, addressing external changes, and supporting organizational change initiatives.

Exam Readiness and Strategies
Receive comprehensive exam preparation, including critical information review and engaging in simulated PMP Preparation Mock Exams, ensuring you are fully prepared to excel in the PMP Certification Exam.

Prepare to confidently write the PMP Exam with all the Support and Resources that get you PMP® Certified.

Our commitment doesn’t conclude with the training sessions. Classic Seminars offers ongoing support, including post-training consultations and access to a vibrant community of PMP professionals. We believe in nurturing a network where knowledge is shared, challenges are discussed, and successes are celebrated.

Download below for details on how our PMP classes are structured over the training period.

Download Course Outline Book Course

PMP Certification Info Webinar
Learn more about the Project Management Professional certification and get a taste of our PMP Course is conducted at the PMP Certification Info Webinar.


PMP Exam Benchmark
Try your test yourself with our PMP Simulation Exam tool designed to help you benchmark your PMP Exam readiness in practical exam conditions.


For Individuals

The PMP Certification is the highest form of professional certification on the market for project managers with benefits including:

  • Worldwide Recognition: Gain the stamp of approval from the world’s leading project management organization, PMI.
  • Skills Validation: Validate your skills and knowledge to employers and clients, setting yourself apart from your peers.
  • Career Advancement: Achieve a higher salary, greater job security, and open doors to new opportunities locally and abroad.
  • International Industry Recognition: Attain a certification recognized across industries worldwide.

For Organizations

Enhance the project management skills of your team to drive successful projects, and maintain high-quality work, by taking your team through our specialised PMP Course with outcomes including:

  • Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in tender bids and eligibility, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to excellence.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Implement time-saving and cost-cutting techniques learned during PMP Certification.
  • Win New Projects: Secure new projects and tenders locally and internationally.
  • Client Satisfaction: Consistently deliver quality work and foster a culture of teamwork.
  • Learning from the Best: Give your team the opportunity to learn from industry-leading project management experts.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Bolster your organization’s reputation as a leader in project management.

Get inspired by the stories and firsthand experiences of our past PMP Exam preparation course students. Discover how our PMP course has transformed careers and elevated organizations, directly from the voices of those who have successfully navigated the journey to PMP certification.


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