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PMP® Exam Alignment Course

Day 1 of 9 from the PMP Exam Preparation Course

Embark on your journey to PMP success with confidence through our PMP Exam Alignment Course—a dynamic one-day introduction to our comprehensive PMP Exam Preparation courses. At Classic Seminars, our PMP Certification course offers more than just learning; it’s a transformative experience designed for success, featuring 50+ hours of expert guidance, personalized consultations, 1000+ practice questions, and an exclusive PMP Simulation Exam. Join us to accelerate your transition from any project management role to PMP expert in less than 6 months.


The PMP Exam Alignment Course is tailored for anyone involved in leading projects and:

  • Exploring a taste of our comprehensive PMP Exam Preparation before making a commitment.
  • Seeking an overview on the PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas.
  • Curious about the differences between Predictive and Agile project approaches.
  • Experience a micro PMP simulation exam (40 questions) covering all topic areas of the exam, and feedback on your performance.


Why Choose the PMP Exam Alignment Course?

  • Low Time Commitment, High Value: Invest just one day to gauge the potential of the full PMP course.
  • Risk-Free Exploration: Explore our teaching style, materials, and relevance to your goals before committing to the full program.
  • Expertly Designed Curriculum: Experience a sneak peek into our meticulously structured curriculum that ensures PMP exam success.
  • Interactive and Engaging: Participate in discussions, exercises, and Q&A sessions to actively reinforce your learning.
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Join the course that aligns you to all that the PMP® Exam content entails.
Join the course that aligns you to all that the PMP® Exam content entails.

Start preparing for the crucial Project Management Professional Exam, essential for roles demanding project management expertise and certification. Download the detailed course outline below.

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Course Structure

This compact course imparts actionable insight and guidance on critical aspects you need to start your journey to PMP certification:

Overview of the PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas
Get the scope of the ten crucial knowledge areas essential for PMP success.

Predictive and Agile Project Insight
Explore the nuances of both Predictive and Agile project methodologies, crucial for modern project management.

Micro PMP Exam Simulation
Dive into our PMP mock exam system, simulating the real-world exam dynamics, and get valuable feedback on results of each knowledge area.

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  • Assessment of Personal Readiness: Attending this alignment course allows participants to assess their own readiness for the PMP Exam. This includes understanding the level of commitment, time, effort required for successful preparation.
  • Evaluation of Classic Seminar’s Approach: This firsthand experience provides insight into the effectiveness of our approach and helps potential PMP candidates determine if it aligns with their learning preferences and needs.
  • Understanding Course Structure and Materials: Once booked for this course participants get a detailed preview of the comprehensive PMP exam preparation program’s refined training manual that we provide our PMP delegates with. Participants can evaluate the quality of study materials, resources, and curriculum.
  • Interaction with Instructors: This one-day course provides an opportunity to interact with our roster of PMP trainers for each PMP Exam Preparation course format. The engagement allows participants to assess our trainers’ knowledge, communication skills, and ability to convey complex project management concepts effectively.
  • Clarification of Program Logistics: This session helps participants clarify the logistics of the full PMP exam preparation program, such as the schedule, duration, available support, and the additional resources we offer including session recordings for missed classes.
  • Cost-Effective Decision Making: Investing time in this one-day introduction course before committing to the full PMP exam preparation program allows participants to make a more informed and cost-effective decision. You will be able to evaluate the value proposition we offer, compare it with your needs and preferences, and determine whether the full program aligns with you.

Ultimately, attending the PMP Alignment course before committing to a full PMP exam preparation program with us helps participants make informed decisions about their readiness, the level of effort required, and the benefits of achieving PMP certification in their specific context.


The PMP Exam Preparation course includes

Payment Assistance:

  • Discounts of up to 40% for Groups of friends/colleagues
  • Payment plan over 5 months
  • Skills Development Training approval documents if your employer/business is covering your course fees.


 Project Management Professional Training Manual: Our comprehensive companion textbook summarizes the entire exam content, ensuring you reach the certification finish line.


 “The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try” by Andy Crowe Textbook: A valuable study guide to supplement your exam preparation.


 Multimedia Study Material: Benefit from audio seminars, additional study notes, and class video recordings.


 Access to 1000+ PMP Exam practice questions: Hone your skills and knowledge through our extensive question bank.


 Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Simulation Exam: This PMP mock exam has the latest PMP Certification Exam structure and accurately simulates the official exam conditions, providing valuable insight into your readiness and areas for improvement.

 Classic Seminars’ exclusive PMP Exam First Time Pass GUARANTEE: If you don’t pass the exam on your first attempt, we will continue coaching you and pay for your rewrite until you attain the PMP certification.

This course includes a free buffet and beverages during breaks in session.


Contact us for more details on earning CPD points and professional development hours from the PMP Exam Preparation Course.



  • Midrand: Tuesday 20th February: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Cost: R975


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Do you Qualify to write the PMP® Exam ?

The Project Management Institute has set requirements for those in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to qualify to write the PMP Exam. In order to write and pass the Project Management Professional Exam and join the ranks of professionally registered project managers globally, you need to meet one of the following prerequisite lists:

A 4 years bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Minimum 3 years of provable project management experience

Minimum 35 hours of project management education, which our PMP Exam Preparation course covers (50 hours of training to ensure you pass)

A matriculation certificate / equivalent high school diploma

Minimum 5 years of provable project management experience

Minimum 35 hours of project management education, which this course covers.

Do you meet the requirements to write the PMP Exam in South Africa
Do you meet the requirements to write the PMP Exam in South Africa

I Qualify to write the PMP® Exam

Proceed to book for the PMP Alignment Course.

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Not sure if you qualify?

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Get inspired by the stories and firsthand experiences of our past PMP Exam preparation course students. Discover how our PMP course has transformed careers and elevated organizations, directly from the voices of those who have successfully navigated the journey to PMP certification.

PMP Certification Info Webinar
Learn more about the Project Management Professional certification and get a taste of our PMP Course is conducted at the PMP Certification Info Webinar.


PMP Exam Benchmark
Try your test yourself with our PMP Simulation Exam tool designed to help you benchmark your PMP Exam readiness in practical exam conditions.



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