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New Engineering Contract (NEC)

NEC Contracts Course

Our extensive NEC course delves deep into the NEC suite, encompassing both NEC4 and significant changes from NEC3. Explore the intricate interplay between NEC contracts and other engineering and construction contracts, including JBCC, GCC, and FIDIC. This training empowers you to excel in the management of built environment project contracts, offering valuable contributions across all construction project phases, from tendering to project completion.

This compact course imparts actionable insights and guidance on critical aspects found within the NEC, such as:

  • The Procurement Process
  • A Comprehensive Overview of the NEC
  • Contract and Tender Document Examination
  • The NEC Professional Services Contract
  • A Deep Dive into the Tender Process
  • Efficient Contract Administration
  • Fundamental Principles for Managing Contracts
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Learn to confidently apply the NEC contract to projects.
Learn to confidently apply the NEC contract to projects.

We prepare you for pivotal roles as a Project Manager, Project Assistant, or Consultant, ideally suited for positions requiring expertise in NEC contracts, ensuring you are well-prepared to handle real-world projects. For a detailed course outline, download below.

Course Outline

Course Structure

This compact course imparts actionable insights and guidance on critical aspects found within the NEC, such as:

Tender Document Mastery
Craft precise and compelling NEC tender documents.

Tender Adjudication
Gain insights into decision-making processes for awarding tenders.

Efficient Contract Administration
Manage NEC contracts effectively, on-site.

Mitigating Delays and Time Extensions
Navigate delays and handle time extensions proficiently.

Dispute Resolution and Claims Management
Expertise in resolving disputes and managing claims within the NEC framework.

For Individuals

Elevate your productivity and become an invaluable asset to your organization by expertly applying NEC contracts on-site, potentially yielding substantial annual cost savings.

  • Expertise Advancement: Elevate your knowledge and skills in NEC contracts, enhancing your professional qualifications.
  • Career Growth: Unlock opportunities for career advancement with specialized expertise in engineering contract management.
  • Industry Recognition: Establish yourself as a trusted expert in the NEC contracts, gaining recognition within the field.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in a competitive job market with unique and sought-after skills.
  • Risk Management: Acquire the ability to mitigate risks and handle complex issues effectively, adding value to your organization.
  • Project Management Proficiency: Develop essential project management skills, ensuring successful project execution from start to finish.

For Organizations

Whether you’re a contractor or a project manager, this course equips you with fundamental project management concepts and advanced techniques, allowing you to confidently navigate any project management scenario.

  • Enhanced Work Quality: Raise the standard of work within your organization, ensuring excellence in project delivery.
  • Talent Retention: Attract and retain top talent by offering valuable training that enhances employees’ skills and career prospects.
  • Risk Mitigation: Safeguard your organization against legal challenges and costly project delays through effective contract management.
  • Resource Optimization: Identify and deploy the right personnel for each project, optimizing workforce productivity.
  • Improved Project Outcomes: Increase the likelihood of winning projects and tenders with a team well-versed in NEC contracts.
  • Client Satisfaction: Enhance client satisfaction by delivering projects efficiently and effectively, resulting in repeat business.
  • Cost Savings: Potential cost savings through proficient contract management, contributing to the bottom line.

2024 Course Info

In-person Course

2 Full-day sessions
8 am – 4 pm

9th to 10th – Cape Town

10th to 11th June – Midrand

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Online Scheduled Courses

4 Half-day sessions
Morning class 8 am – 12 pm or Afternoon class 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

9th to 10 & 13 to 14th

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Book unscheduled course dates for training online, in-person or at your company venue by selecting a preferred start date in the booking form below.

Course Fees

In-person Course
R 11,400 incl. VAT

Online Course (will resume in 2024)
R 10,200 incl. VAT

Groups of friends/colleagues (2 or more)
From *R 9,400 incl. VAT

We offer tailored private courses to groups of 3 or more at your company premises or at one of our venues.
* Up to 40% Discount for groups. Ts & Cs apply.

Payment Options

Select Pay Now to get specific discounts for online payments:
Partial Payment – 5% off the course fee.
Full Payment – 15% off the course fee.


Select Pay Later to get specific discounts for EFT payments with currently running promotions (see top banner).

The above discounts are applicable only if the course fee is billed to ‘Personal’.
Ts & Cs Apply.

Course Includes

Companion NEC Contracts Training Manual: Your guide for applying project management principles and NEC  contracts knowledge on real projects.

Multimedia Study Material: Class video recordings to enhance your learning.

Lunch Refreshments: Included for in-person courses.

Payment Assistance Options: We offer discounts for group bookings and assistance with Skills Development Training approval.

Course Accreditation

Contact us for more details on earning CPD points and professional development hours from this course.

Still unsure about booking? Contact us for any more information or explanation you may need.

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